About Us

Since her childhood, Mavic loves to hear stories of different people and families from her grandparents and other old folks and learn from them.

When she went to college, she met a group of radical students, The Students for Christ, one of the student movements in the university that ushered in revival in the early 1990’s in the campus. Later on, she became one of the leaders of the said movement that is now known as Destiny Ministries International. Her husband, Bernard, is also a part of the same movement.

They are now leading one of the Destiny Ministries International local churches in the Philippines. They are happily married with two daughters – Hanniel Anniah, 7 and Hannah Victoria, 4.

As a couple they are very passionate in their pursuit for the transformation of individuals & families towards community transformation.

They believe that A TRULY SUCCESSFUL PERSON IS ALWAYS CONNECTED TO THE FAMILY. They want to see families fully expressing the love with growing and deepening relationships, living in harmony and with purpose, and becoming a place of healing & restoration. Strong families equal strong communities and strong communities will give us strong society. It’s going back to the basic. However, in the absence of what we call “ideal family”, they aim to create a culture and an environment where people will experience family.

Mavic is a dynamic leader whose heart is to strongly support and stand alongside other leaders and potential leaders to release them to the uniqueness of their call and creative leadership while her husband, Bernard, is a passionate worship leader whose heart is for people to experience God’s presence in worship.