Everything that has life is destined for great expression. This great expression has its source from God who put the seed of glory to every living thing He created. Every living thing has a natural tendency to unleash this God-given glory. That glory has its progressive move to each man leading us to the expectation of the next greater glory. It was God who initiated it.

All mankind were destined for the expression of that greatness. One passage of the Bible tells us,

“For we are God’s handiwork created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Other translation says, “For we are God’s workmanship while New Living Translation says, “we are God’s masterpiece.” Absolutely! We are God’s obra maestra. Why? It is for the reason that each person living here on planet earth has really possessed the great piece of the master: His great image and His great likeness.

Good works were not just an expression of man’s good behavior but a manifestation of man’s good potential, skills, talents, genius, workmanship and ability. The revealing of man’s glory is in itself the apparent reflection of his great source and creator who is God. Man’s greatness all started with God and from God. Each living thing that God created was not meant to be stagnant or an object of mockery but it possesses a vast potential to grow to its massive and enormous capacity for greater expression of glory.


From Acorn to an Oak Tree. As we analyze, each acorn will not remain an acorn in its entire existence but there will be a greater expression that one day a massive oak tree will just show up and come forth in its existence in God’s predestined time.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly. By the same token, a struggling caterpillar will not remain in its entirety as a caterpillar but its ‘kairos’ moment inside the cocoon conveys a message that a greater expression of a caterpillar to become a butterfly is at hand.

God initiated all those things that we see great in our naked eye. Those things are so evident from the great light of the day called sun to the diverse wild and great animals creeping on the ground and the living sea creatures that scatter in our vast limitless ocean. The alignment of each planet in each orbit to the roaring waterfalls of Niagara and the majestic great Grand Canyon in Arizona show us that there is a great mind who took the responsibility to create and design it.

When God planted a seed of glory in each person, God is expectant and eager to see its massive manifestation. With that, when this glory is expressed, He will surely be unstoppable.


This is how greatness is revealed in the life Coach Christopher Carandang, World Memory Athlete, Philippine Representative.

“Many times when I was a little boy, I was conditioned to think little because people around me conveyed the same message of what they also think of themselves.  Many of them were conditioned to think that way because of those people around them, education they took and environment where they were in. I was once a scavenger and peddler in the market who saw my world revolving around the dumpsite and several corners of the wet market. I didn’t see what was ahead of me until one day I won a competition in our school and discovered that I had something great to put in the world’s table. My parents’ and relative’s perspective suddenly changed and their utterance towards me became much more positive. From that day on their words to me became much more powerful  that moment they kept on uttering that greatness they saw in me and I really glued my mind to that belief that I am great. During those times that I am winning more competitions, that was also the season I came to know the Lord and a lot of things shifted and the rest really became a great history when I found myself one day in China and United Kingdom in World Memory Championship with almost 30 countries participated. Several appearances in radio and television and exposures in some articles in which my name was written were just a natural thing before my eyes. It was God indeed who initiated this greatness inside of me.”


Some Reflective Questions

  1. Have you ever realized that there is a big God up there in heaven who can unleash great potential to each person who are sometimes inadequate because of their handicap?
  2. Have you allowed the affirmative voice of God to be heard louder in your heart rather than rehearsing in your mind those words such as “I am not good enough or I am good for nothing?”
  3. Have you ever thought that God has been cheering us up all night and all day long whenever we are moving to the next great expression of glory?
  4. Having the realization that God is the initiator of our greatness within, would you decide to stop comparing yourself with others who demonstrate the best of who they are in their personal lives?
  5. Having realized how big our God is, would you mind to stop considering yourself insignificant because at some point in your life you just saw yourself like an infinitesimal dust in the gigantic landscape of the universe?


Glimpse of God’s Seed of Greatness

Many people are encapsulated with that belief that they cannot do something great because of their handicap. They readily conclude that they have nothing to put on the world’s table because they cannot consider themselves a normal being and cannot do the same thing that other normal people can do. In this scenario, they allowed their human frame to dictate the amount of greatness that they can unleash. But that is not the case of these three people: Lizzie Velasquez, Jessica Cox  and Nick Vujicic.

Elizabeth Ann “Lizzie” Velasquez – She was the woman dubbed in YouTube as the World’s Ugliest Woman.  Lizzie was born four weeks prematurely having 2 pounds and eleven ounces in weight. According to Wikipedia, she has zero percent body fat, weak immune system and was blind in her right eye.  Lizzie’s condition led her to be a victim of bullying in her early childhood and her emotional injury got even worst when she was exposed in cyberspace. Those conditions never stopped Lizzie from releasing her greatness. God’s calling for greatness in her was really  unstoppable. Surprisingly, despite of her “horrific” appearance Lizzie’s voice was heard in TED Talk when she spoke the topic “How Do You Define Yourself?” and garnered almost 40 million views over the YouTube. Lizzie’s personal pain suddenly turned to more personal gains. Aside from that, books were written about her predicaments and how she overcame them. Those are  Lizzie Beautiful: The Lizzie Velasquez Story, Be Beautiful, Be You and Choose Happiness. Lizzie’s mother stood alongside with her to bring forth her glory in the production of those books. God’s calling for Lizzie’s greatness was indeed unstoppable!

Jessica Cox – She was a woman who was born without two arms. The only difference was that she had a father who never shed a tear about her birth condition and believed that greatness can still come out from her. When she took Psychology as her bachelor’s degree she told that psychology credits the way people think has a greater impact on their lives than a physical limitation. Jessica in her early childhood studied dancing and did it for 14 years. Surprisingly, at the age of 14 Jessica earned her first Black Belt in the International Taekwondo Federation. And the greatest and most famous accomplishment of Jessica was that when she was able to learn how to fly an airplane which took her three states, four airplanes, two flight instructors and a discouraging year to find the right airplane suited for her. With that, Jessica gained the Guinness Book of World Record as the first woman certified to fly an airplane with only two feet. God’s calling for her greatness is unstoppable!

Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic – A man born with a sickness called Phocomelia which is a rare disorder characterized with the absence of arms and legs. Likewise, Nick also suffered bullying and depression in his early childhood which led him to almost kill himself at the age of 10. Being born of Christian family, a right mental mindset was instilled in him and greatness in him became unstoppable. Nick was able to establish a non-profit organization Life Without Limbs and a secular motivational speaking company called Attitude is Altitude. In one of his speaking engagements Nick said, “If God can use a man without arms and legs to be His hands and feet, then He will certainly use any willing heart!” In the year 2014, Nick intended to share his message to 400 million people. He has spoken more than 3,000 times in more than 57 countries on five continents. He has attracted audiences as large as 110,000. God’s calling for greatness for Nick’s life is unstoppable!

David:  From Sheep Pen to Palace

David himself in the natural eyes could be seen as an ordinary shepherd boy. Who would have thought that this ordinary shepherd boy will one day be enthroned and became a great king in Israel? True enough, that ordinary shepherd boy was really called for greatness.  He honed, nurtured and brought to the next level the seed of glory that God planted within him. David’s skill in slingshot demonstrated that he was a good steward of glory. From being a lion and bear killer, David moved by his conviction to challenge the defying giant of the Philistines and became a giant killer.

The progressive move of glory within him brought him to a greater platform that God wanted him to be. It was being an ordinary shepherd boy to a great shepherd king of Israel. God indeed is unstoppable in releasing His glory on each people on the planet!

The discovery of God’s SEED OF GREATNESS

will surely lead us to an amazing GRATEFULNESS!

Inspiration and Challenge

You are not an object of ridicule or a laughingstock. Deep inside of you is a seed of glory planted by God. And from eternity past God has been CALLING FORTH for the great and massive manifestation of such glory. It was evident in the word of God that when God called forth the existence of His creation and saw the glory manifested in them, He said, “It was good”. He himself was amazed by His creation which is the apparent reflection of His own glory. On the other hand, when the man he created came into existence, God said, “It was VERY good”. The GREAT IMAGE and the GREAT LIKENESS of the GREAT GOD were in the GREAT MAN He created and from time immemorial until NOW!  MAN was indeed VERY GOOD!

Would you permit God to continue His work in progress in your life?

Would you respond to His CALLING for the manifestation of greatness which He has planted in you long time ago?

Would you make a decision to stop saying to yourself that you are a WORTHLESS NOBODY but instead see yourself as a WORTHWHILE SOMEBODY?

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