We are now moving to the culmination of Beyond Talent series. As we backtrack a little bit, in Part1, we have seen that each individual on the planet has seed of greatness waiting to be discovered and uncovered regardless of their human framework. Each person was Called to be Great. In Part 2, we tackled the underlying processes behind the development of that God-initiated greatness within. We came to realize that it is not an overnight thing. Sometimes it is full of suspense and ecstatic feeling but sometimes it is so much painful and beyond human understanding. This is the Path to Greatness. Part 3 was remarkable because once we came to realize that God-given seed of greatness came to its full-blown manifestation after it went through some “excruciating” processes, we are now ready to claim such thing as our “virtual kingdom” and we are now ready to hang-out with other “kings of the land” in different fields of expertise. Those things go BEYOND TALENT because behind those things are the mandate to REACH OUT humanity. Indeed, we were made “kings” to STAND BEFORE KINGS.

We will conclude this series with this topic – IMPACTING WORLD. This has something to do with those individuals who became WORLD CHANGERS because they learned to live BEYOND TALENT but fulfilled their God-given mandate to the WORLD.


SHORT STORY of Coach Christopher Carandang continued…

I was fascinated when I was passing through the South Luzon Express Way seeing those billboards hanging around and highlighted with different flashy colors and images. My eyes were caught with those billboards having black background and semi-bold typography conveying these messages: TALK TO ME – GOD; FOLLOW ME – GOD and READ THE BIBLE TO HAVE A FULL LIFE. That was actually long time ago and to my amazement, I came to know from one of my friends that the owner of that billboard business was a Christian. I was amazed because this businessman in his own simple way did his business with a MANDATE. Imagine the millions of commuters passing by in that busy South Luzon Expressway. Most probably some of those commuters and passengers were clueless about their direction in life and their future. All of a sudden, those billboards subliminally spoke to them and those messages keep on reverberating in their soul directing and teaching them what to do. Voila! They got the answer: They will talk to no one else but GOD! They can now readily get their answer how to have direction in life. They got the answer. They will follow no one else but GOD! And for their lives to be completed and satisfying, they just need to read the BIBLE to usher them how to have a full life! This businessman in his own little way in essence has been IMPACTING THE WORLD!



  1. How are we going to define a MEANINGFUL LIFE?
  1. What is that thing that will move and motivate us to DISPENSE OUR LIVES to others instead of allowing it to just be tossed to and fro every day and be caught by self-preservation?
  1. Have you ever had an evident POSITIVE IMPACT to those people around you because you allowed yourself to be UNSELFISH and SELFLESS in sharing what you have such as TALENTS, TIME and TREASURE to others?


Finding the Solution

The word of God tells us in 1 Peter chapter 2, verse 9,

But you are a chosen people, a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful life.

Many are seemed to be baffled and perplexed about our role of being a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. Probably one of the best vivid illustrations mentioned in the Bible was Melchizedek who was the King of Salem and at the same time a High Priest. Presently and literally, it is very unusual to witness such same scenario provided that many are invoking the separation of the church and the state.

Anyway, we, being the chosen people of God were somehow mandated to manifest in this world that Kingly (Royal) and Priestly (Priesthood) anointing. On the other hand, if those so called children of God on the planet will just discover how to execute it, the world can easily be impacted by heaven’s culture. Good thing to realize, there are some children of God on the planet and after they became “kings” in their field of expertise, they never forget to bring down the kingdom mandate and manifest their priestly anointing. To name a few, they are the following:

Tim Tebow

He was a college football player in Florida who rose to fame because of his “exceptional abilities” in playing football. He was raised by Godly Christian parents. Whenever he plays football, he never misses to kneel down on the ground publicly to utter a short prayer. Some people complain that this Denver Bronco’s quarterback Tim Tebow mentions God and Jesus too much. Tim Tebow remains silent on the issue and got his message across when they got overtime victory over the Pittsburg Steelers 29-23. One thing noticeable of him was his boldness to display perhaps the most famous Bible verse over his face. That verse was John 3:16. Imagine how many millions of people viewed that verse over the televisions. Surprisingly, when they won over the Pittsburg Steelers, Tebow passed 316 yards against the Steelers and got an NFL playoff record of 31.6 yards per completion! Wow! 316 from John 3:16? Tim Tebow is the “King of Football”. Football is his “kingdom”! He is IMPACTING THE WORLD!

Manny Pacquiao

He was a world-class boxing icon raised in very religious family. Sudden turnaround and great shifting happened in his life after he came to know Jesus. Publicly, prior to his fight, he would kneel down in the ring’s corner to utter short prayer. He became so vocal proclaiming Jesus whenever there is an opportunity to speak. One of the remarkable scenarios to recollect was when he boldly acknowledged the role of God in each person’s victory and his voice reverberated over the room in one of the Press Conferences prior to his fight against Floyd Mayweather when he said, “I came from nothing but God made me into something”. Before, he was a nobody but when God came into his life, he became somebody. His voice was broadcast across the five continents over televisions. Currently, Manny Pacquiao is not just testifying the goodness of God but is preaching the name of Jesus to those people who are coming to him. Manny Pacquiao is the “King of Boxing”. Boxing is his “kingdom”. He is IMPACTING THE WORLD!

Stephen Curry

One of the most celebrated basketball players nowadays is Stephen Curry. His team dubbed “team of believers” Golden State Warriors came to life once again after forty years of winning drought in NBA history. Stephen got the Most Valuable Player award and was instrumental in its team’s Championship win. Stephen like co-NBA player Jeremy Lin was also vocal in his stand for Jesus. In fact, whenever he made his shots, he will point to heaven as a gesture of acknowledging God’s role in what he did. And to be brutally vocal in his faith, like Tim Tebow he puts Bible verse not on his face but on his shoes. He puts Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  When Nike Company did not accept his request of putting Philippians 4:13 over the shoes that he will endorse, Stephen stood his ground and opted to move to Under Armor Company and became unstoppable in proclaiming God’s word even through the shoes he is wearing. Stephen Curry is the “King of Basketball”. Basketball is his “kingdom”. He is IMPACTING THE WORLD!



There is no other Biblical character that can surpass Jesus in impacting the world. The selflessness and unselfishness that Jesus demonstrated resulted to the salvation of humanity. Salvation of humanity could be considered as the greatest impact that Jesus did to the world. He lived His life with a mandate, purpose and destiny. The Bible tells us,

“He did not consider equality with God

something to be grasped. He made himself nothing.” Philippians 2:5

That gesture of Jesus was unprecedented, unmatched and incomparable. Jesus is the “King of all kings”! Jesus, IMPACTED THE WORLD!

Challenge and Invitation

The word of God tells us that God’s eyes run to and fro throughout the whole earth TO SHOW HIMSELF STRONG in the behalf of THEM whose HEARTS ARE TRULY HIS. As we analyze intently the skills and talents that Tim Tebow, Manny Pacquiao and Stephen Curry displayed and demonstrated, we can somehow conclude that God really showed Himself strong in these people. Seeing them in different arena of sports, they did things that really amazed those people around them. But the good thing is that they were not caught up by fame, riches and popularity. Much more, Tim, Manny and Stephen lived with a mandate, purpose and destiny. God’s challenge is that, “Can you do the same thing?” Are you willing to beat all odds of complains and persecutions for the sake of proclaiming God and impacting the world? Would you be willing to focus on your God-given mandate and destiny? Would you be willing to live like Jesus, the man who really lived a life of purpose?

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