Our first series taught us that every individual on the planet was called to be great. God planted a seed of greatness to each person. Development of that greatness is not an overnight thing but rather a gradual progression. Sometimes it gives us suspense, ecstatic feeling and sometimes it is severely painful. But again, those things are part of the whole package. Meaning, we don’t have to take shortcuts to reach greatness and to add to that, we don’t have to belittle the role of those people instrumental to our growth and process. Today, we are moving to another scenario where each person’s greatness will give them not just a better outlook in life but a better platform with pride and confidence where they will stand before the “kings of the land”.

Our domains of intelligence, skills, abilities, genius or talents once reached their full blown manifestation have the capacity to give us the identity of being “kings” in our area of expertise. That domain of expertise where we are “enthroned” as kings will be our virtual “kingdom” and somehow these will serve as our God-given tools to catapult us to a position where other “kings” are also standing.


SHORT STORY of Coach Christopher Carandang



Never did it pass in my wildest dreams and imagination that one day I will stand before congressmen, governors, senators, TV personalities, world- class boxing icon like Manny Pacquiao, famous global icon such as Tony Buzan, world memory champions from different countries and even the Vice-President of the Philippines. These people I mentioned were the “kings of the land”. What propelled me to go where they are? One thing I remembered, I just made myself a good steward and nurtured and brought to the next level the seed of greatness that God gave to me. It was actually the talent and the ability to memorize beyond the ordinary and untrained individual can do. This was due to the trained memory system that I acquired through strenuous training and research. When that God-given talent became full-grown, history was made. Stewardship paid off!


Some Reflective Questions

  1. Have you ever tried to discover those God-given talents would possibly lead you to a specific assignment to influence (REACH OUT) those people around you?
  1. Have you ever realized that those talents would someday catapult you to a position of influence where other “kings or kings of the land” are flocking out together?
  1. Are you convinced that God gave us the power (abilities, talents, geniuses, etc.) to get wealth and that wealth will just come to you naturally to support you in your assignment?


It takes kingly mindset to stand before kings.


Finding the Solution

Many prominent Bible characters were written in the annals of history that literally stood before kings of the land and they were the following: Abraham before Abimelech, Joseph before the King of Egypt, Moses before the Pharaoh, Ester before King Xerxes, Nehemiah before King Artaxerxes and Daniel before King Nebuchadnezzar and King Darius. Some of them really stood before those kings because of “exceptional qualities” they possessed.

One of those was Daniel who was so distinguished because of his exceptional qualities and he became standout among the administrators and satraps of the kingdom in which even King Darius planned to set Daniel over the WHOLE KINGDOM (Daniel 6:3). This was the manifestation of GOD’S DOING in Daniel’s life, His LIKENESS. Daniel’s promotion to be set over the whole kingdom gave a painful jealousy among other satraps and administrators of the kingdom in which they came to the point of finding grounds to accuse Daniel. But they could find NO CORRUPTION in him because he was TRUSTWORTHY and NEITHER CORRUPT NOR NEGLIGENT (Daniel 6:4). This was the manifestation of GOD’S BEING in him, His IMAGE. Here we can see being distinguished and standing out to go BEYOND TALENT. Character must come into the picture! Indeed, when GOD’S BEING and GOD’S DOING met together and manifested in a certain individual, it’s going to be remarkable and attractive. The Bible tells us,


He will not serve before OBSCURE men.” Proverbs 22:29

Every individual living on the planet has a vast potential within them waiting to be unlocked and discovered. It is like a sleeping giant within that needs not just to be nudged gently but to be pushed roughly to really be awakened. Everybody’s self-concept greatly affects its discovery. And because of this, their self-image suffers a massive blow and they just allow themselves to wallow in the quagmire of unbelief and desperation. They are like an eaglet being hatched among the packs of chicks dreaming that someday he will be like an eagle. He doesn’t know the reality that he was an eagle. He could not believe that he could hang-out with other eagles because he thought he was not the same. Chick mentality has been perpetuating! Their environment grossly affected his thinking!

We have been dreaming of not just to discover our God-given talent but much more to use it to influence others (REACH OUT). Our talents, geniuses and abilities were not just there for us but for the benefits of others (REACH OUT). We could give ourselves ample of opportunities to learn from some rags-to-riches stories of some great people in which their graduation certificates did not dictate how they will be successful in life. They just became faithful stewards of the seed of greatness they received from God. They honed it. They nurtured it and when their full-grown manifestations came, they seized the moment to release it.

Another thing to be considered was that the passage in the Bible that says, “I have given you the POWER to get wealth” (Deuteronomy 8:18). That POWER has something to do with the ABILITY, TALENT and GENIUS that God implanted within us. Indeed, it is God’s will for us to get wealth and our talents, abilities and geniuses have very important roles in acquiring it!  Our God has been inviting us to this exciting discovery of His gifts and potential. Remember, TALENTS/ABILITIES/GENIUS WILL BRING YOU TO THE TOP, BUT IT’S THE CHARACTER THAT WILL KEEP YOU THERE.

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